Yes, Donald Trump 2020 Landslide!


Clearly Donald J. Trump started his presidential venture with a bang, as he railed about America’s declining dire straights, by expressing concerns shared by many Americans.  As a visionary, Trump correctly pinpoints the generational failures of stupid politicians who have created the wide-spread decline of The American Dream.


Making America Great Again!

Trump’s entrepreneurial-style and dedication to ringing the freedom-bell for ALL Americans … and their future!  His courage singularly demonstrates vision and dedication unseen by previous presidents.

The stakes are great and Americans are encouraged to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2016” that equates our surging debt to financial terrorism as America has become hostage to nations with divergent goals while freedoms are eclipsed by philosophies incompatible with the American Constitution.  Until recently most Americans were unaware that Red China controls Americas pharmaceutical production … while America experiences the shock of the pandemic Coronavirus!

There is no time in history that a President like Donald Trump is essential for the “Return of the American Dream!” in 2020!

Trump has captured the hearts & minds of Americans who seek change from a failed system and he has garnered widespread appeal from Americans of all political stripes due to his concern for all Americans where he has across-the-board improved lives.




August 24th, 2016

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