Yes, Donald Trump Can Win in 2016!


Clearly Donald J. Trump started his presidential venture with a bang, as he railed about America’s declining dire straights, by expressing concerns shared by many Americans.  As a visionary, Trump correctly pinpoints the generational failures of stupid politicians who have created the wide-spread decline of The American Dream.


Making America Great Again!

Trump’s entrepreneurial-style, along with his self-funded independence, rings the bell for the peril facing America, on the edge of financial failure and massive under-employment.

Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2016” equates our surging debt to financial terrorism as America becomes hostage to nations with divergent goals while freedoms are eclipsed by philosophies incompatible with the American Constitution.  Trump shares honest concern for the fading “American Dream” and at no time in our history has America needed saving like today.

For this reason, Donald J. Trump has stepped into the spotlight as America’s White Knight while establishment thinkers focus on negatives in fear of losing their control and endless financial gravy train.  Trump has captured the hearts & minds of Americans who seek change from a failed system and he has garnered widespread appeal from Americans of all political stripes.




August 24th, 2016

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