Does Your Vote Count???

Voters Need to Know?

*  With income redistribution, what will happen to the poor and middle class when the rich no longer support them.

*  America lost 40% of wealth in four years, why is this not mentioned?

*  What does it mean to remake America successfully without jobs?

*  There is 76% unemployment in middle eastern countries, what can be achieved by sending them billions in financial aid, when we can’t even produce employment in this country?

*  How can more spending turn our economy around?  How does this math work?  How can we impress our children to balance their checkbook, while the government runs into constant debt!

*  The administration has said they don’t believe in profit, could you explain in detail how any company, or country, can function without profit?

*  How can a President remove the Polish missile shield without a vote from Congress … those were people attacked in both WWI and WWII!

*  Our country was built by immigrants struggling and working hard, yet we are accused of being too rich and too selfish.   Think about it!

Melinda Meikle, Citizen Journalist

August 2nd, 2016