Wisdom is Right!

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s perspective on political parties makes sense!  “It’s not party, it’s principle. “   Republicans Pay Heed!

This breath of fresh-air thinker reaffirms that wisdom is still alive!  Dr. Carson’s dream, along with most Americans, is to advance freedom for all Americans.   Yes, 100%!     Yet today’s politically divisive climate creates mixed-messages that intentionally obstruct and mislead.  Obviously, Dr. Carson joins a lofty line-up of heroes who possess that special talent to communicate ideas clearly to be admired by voters across a wide spectrum.

Republican victories must convey their winning principles through clarity of purpose, strong words to calm a society in chaos in order to rekindle the American Dream for all!

The difference between parties has never been so dramatic!
Republicans = FREEDOM
Democrats = a record of CONTROL

This disparity is more dramatic now than anytime in our history as we witness the advent of a rogue NSA, behind the scenes czars, copious executive orders and a treasonous lack of transparency.   Republicans will win big time in 2014 and 2016, IF their one word platform is “freedom.”

A sense of freedom starts with a babies first step as that expression of triumph glows and grows.  The power of that freedom-moment is captured by the human spirit and never dies as freedom is a universal dream.

Freedom is the powerful defining principle that the world is fighting for at this very moment.   In truth, like the small baby, the human spirit naturally seeks creativity and opportunity.  My dear friends, as we witness a world in chaos, the root of conflict is primarily the desire for freedom!

Republicans stand tall as freedom is the wise vision! 

Conflict has become routine with divided families, headlines of murder, financial volatility, future uncertainty and dramatic lack of strong leadership.   Along with this malaise, where has wisdom gone?  How can freedom be recognized when cloaked with constant misleading lies.    Listen to Dr. Carson’s message!

It is now proven that the Democrat “tax & spend” philosophy skyrockets our debt and everyone loses!  Voters have been fooled by freebies and there is a high price to pay when trapped by the liberal wild-spending spree!

Republicans should set the example of high-minded principles, as outlined by Dr. Carson.  The GOP inner-fighting tarnishes the Republican image, while Americans yearn for positive action, not petty nit-picking.  Ronald Reagan set the positive tone through his wisdom:  “Do not speak negatively of your fellow republicans.”  Reagan went on to inspire a nation!

Time for a new breath of fresh air in America – chose wisely!

Americans are ripe to make the republican freedom choice!

Melinda Meikle, Citizen Journalist

July 22nd, 2016