No Moocher Class in USA!

Let Freedom Win November 2016!
Stop Confiscatory Taxes, Slot-Machine Spending & Absurd Regulations!

After Bill Clinton triangulated to win the 1990 Presidential election, his first term quickly evolved into traditional liberal “tax & spend” policies.  Anger towards this betrayal inspired the 1994 GOP Revolution with the Congressional takeover the first time in forty years!   On the crest of this wave swept in Republican “Contract with America.”

Many Americans today vividly recall how the efforts of a GOP House and Senate to work together brought forth meaningful Welfare Reform, requiring work for governmental assistance, resulting in a reduction of poverty by 50%.   The human spirit seeks productivity as a sense of accomplishment and, if possible, will always turn down the hand-out philosophy.

With the stroke of a pen, President Obama moved the US closer to moocher-fare by removing welfare “work” requirements and flooded the market with “Free-Bees” to forever lock in votes of “need” … even Mexico jumped on the band-wagon advertising food stamps from America!

In simple terms:  Tax, Spend & Control dependency is alive & failing proven to not work!

Election 2012 offered hope for fiscal sanity with the Romney/Ryan team and must be put on steroids in 2016 to regain protection and respect for “The American Dream.”

The Election 2012 “Exit Poll” results were mystifying because they clearly showed that a high percentage of Americans voted to lower the debt as a priority!  Since Romney/Ryan ran on “lowering the debt” they should have waltzed comfortably into leadership.  Hum, what happened?

Difficult to say because 18 states never registered their “Exit Poll” results, making future comparisons to 2012 impossible!  Most likely Americans voted to have a good job since the culture of America, and our immigrants, embrace the work ethic!

Let’s count on Election 2016 to bring in a big win for “The American Dream.”

Making America Great Again!



July 22nd, 2016