Marketing the GOP!

Donald Trump, The Knight In White Armor!
The Marketing Guru to Save the GOP!

The plight of the Republican Party is their inability to “explain their way out of a paper bag.”   The basic tenants of the GOP are simple, liberating and positive for all Americans of all stripes!   Somehow the Republican Party lacked the simple words to describe the glory of Social Security retirement based on compound interest growth and the prosperous retirement in store for all Americans!  Clear communnication wins!

Easy Marketing Tips to the GOP … Reason & Solution
All issues require a solution and for this reason … each sentence in this sound byte world requires an “objective and a solution,” this method will inform the uninformed!

For example:  “We believe every vote counts, voters should be qualified to vote in advance with intelligence to allow a week for vote verification, especially with absentee ballots.

Repetition to Communicate Meaning
Clearly repeat your point exactly each time!  Many concepts are not easily understood by everyone and simple repetitive words are superior, for example replace “austerity” with “stop spending.”

Establish a National Budget Day
Set aside a National Budget Day as a teaching opportunity to start income & expense discussions across America by families, teachers, friends, ministers or media.  This discussion will educate republican principles of debt, low taxes, small government and profit.

A spirited Congressional budget debate instill awareness and knowledge of debt, deficit, ownership, Treasury policies and specific expenses to run the government.  Along with this discussion specific numbers are presented for state and federal government fraud, waste and abuse.   Assuredly, these numbers will shock the public into awareness of where their money goes!

Republican Principles Are Creative
Republicans believe in free enterprise, which inspires Americans to create and live their dreams!   Democrats are directly opposite.  Tax as much as possible and spend that money as Big Government chooses, including serious waste!

This contrast presents a clear choice and a big win for the GOP!  CONTROL vs FREEDOM

Be Your Best, It’s Free!
Inner cities reportedly have as much as 50% unemployment but it’s never mentioned in the press.  Why not?  This is a sore point on the left, as they’re ignoring their own minority voters.  Republicans can step in here to offer business ideas to encourage kids to roll up their sleeves and succeed!

The new thrift shop choices offer nice clothes to encourage kids to dress their best.   For as little as $25, an entire wardrobe can be cleverly crafted and kids should be encouraged to be their best!   Malcolm Forbes used to say that “no matter how much money a person has, you only wear one pair of pants at a time.”  The spirit of this comment is that being your best is an important life lesson and based on resourceful Republican principles.

Get Busy!
Idle hands breed sinking lifestyles for many innocent kids.   Encourage kids to reach out and help others, as this practice serves as a boom-a-rang, and good deeds come back to you!   Bring in speakers to help craft winning strategies to exit poor life destitution.

I always admired, the big band leader, Paul Whiteman’s foresight  when he started after-school sock hops to keep kids out of trouble after school.   He personally went to the local dance hall and became the DJ and started a national dancing craze … the kids took their energy from the streets to the dance floor!

While the left engages in “words of propaganda to deceive!” and americans sink further into spiritual despair.  Republicans are the creative party and should enlist my communication services to broadcast winning words and creative ideas!


July 22nd, 2016