Social Insecurity!

The Republican Party misses so many opportunities to communicate precisely, with clarity and purpose.   Past opportunities to “Improve Social Security” have been missed and we’ve forfeited years to have an improved
retirement program for hard-working Americans.

Day Trading Retirement Funds!
When the Bush Administration proposed individual ownership of social security accounts, they were accused of wickedly driving seniors into the poor house!

The truthful aspect of individual social security accounts is that it’s empowering to offer better returns through the free enterprise system, inspires peace of mind and adds a sound economic base towards a healthy economy.

Tick Talk Press Offers Solutions!
*  Imagine if there was a lock box and Big Daddy government could not steal our savings?
*  Image if contributions were calculated with compound interest rates?
*  Imagine if citizens received a quarterly statement to watch their money grow?
*  See freedom grow through self-empowerment and keep our money out of the hands of tax & spend liberals!

The debate now rages that politicians must deal with “entitlements first!”   In fact, social security is a benefit which is why Americans are forced to crank out weekly deductions. Politicians now want to change the game due to their poor forecasting and fingers in the cookie jar!

Why do leaders oppose programs beneficial to Americans?

Melinda Meikle, Citizen Journalist

June 3rd, 2016