FREEDOM Will Win With Trump!

Winning Political Strategy:  Freedom vs. Control

“We the People” play the FREEDOM card as political philosophies have never been so polar opposite:  FREEDOM vs CONTROL

While the rigid left marches in lockstep to doggedly voting for their age-old failing tax & spend policies while disregarding the meteoric rising $18 trillion debt, over-reaching unread regulations growing cobwebs on Senatorial desks.  “The Age of Paranoia” is alive as spies devour e-mail privacy, drones threaten fly-overs and voters are concerned that their vote did not count!  Fair-minded Americans stand tall for FREEDOM!

Sadly America is witnessing the high-speed decline of our culture, plummeting education scores, jobless recovery, mysterious behind-the-scenes rogue powers.   The government is divided fueled by a Liberal machete wielding power to tarnish and separate positive minds.In reality, “hidden scandals” camouflage the truth.  The best medicine, at this critical juncture, is a wholehearted truce to establish a “big tent all American party of opportunity & freedom.”   It would merit an effortless victory.

Remember President Reagan’s smiling face as he would warn: “Not to speak ill of your own.”  Reagan’s masterful leadership skills were elevated to a higher level than in-fighting and name-calling, he would encourage a smart party philosophy!  In reality, free-minded citizens of all stripes can tackle a healing America by joining under the “United We Stand Republican Banner.”This is America’s best hope!

Dr. Ben Carson, the new star on the block, wisely expressed “politics are about principle, not party!”  Believe me, with this kind of clarity, America will soon shine again!

Yet as Republicans spat behind the scenes, the Liberal master plan is working to destroy our best candidates through lies like:  “The GOP has no ideas.”  Hard-working House Republicans would beg to differ with over 400 passed bills languishing on Harry Reid’s desk!  After all, Harry Reid’s stealth plan for massive amnesty requires jobs for those newcomers so he can buy their votes to assure a one-party system!

How does Harry get away with it?

Reid’s stranglehold on American positive legislation to create jobs is camouflaged by his co-conspirators, the American liberal press majority.  After all, his greedy power grab is unquenchable and must remain a secret because on a daily basis Big Sam imposes piles of regulations, treads on private property rights, free speech, and tugs at the heartstrings of liberal voters to trap them into a web of lifetime of dependency and strict control. – while Republicans get the “do nothing” blame!

A renewed Republican Banner of opportunity and unity will inspire the opposition, as when the ego is put aside and our traditions are honored, the efforts of our Founders will prevail.  “The grass roots were inspired by the Spirit of the Boston Tea Party of 1773 with the rallying cry:  “No taxation without representation.”   That Tea Party is still alive and sticks to fiscal responsibility and less governmental interference in the lives of citizens.The Republican Party was formed in 1854, by people who were opposed to slavery, and today freedom principles remain lofty to support the US Constitution and inspire Americas towards “The American Dream.”
Uniting Under Freedom Principles Will Save America!

Election 2014 Speaks to Two Words:  CONTROL vs. FREEDOM
Melinda Meikle, Citizen Journalist
April 21st, 2016