Republican Goverors Like Scott Are Saving the American Dream

Let's Keep Working Governor!

— Melinda Meikle, Citizen Journalist

Governor Rick Scott of Florida, turned his state around with sound economic principles and is one of those celebrated Republican Governors. Let’s face it, we need Republican Governors because without a vibrant economy, strong jobs and a healthy middle class … America fails!

Republican Governors successes broadcast hope for our nation, compared to federal debt ticking towards $18 trillion, jobs dissolving into disability checks and freedoms hanging in jeopardy.

Governor Scott is under deceitful attacks by his opposition as ex-Governor Crist attempts to cover-up his miserable record: The second largest increase in unemployment, 828,000 private sector jobs loss, $5.2 billion in added debt, $3.6 billion deficit, raising taxes by $2.2 billion, raiding the budget and devaluing home prices by 47%. Since then Flip-Flopper Crist has undergone a massive identity crisis by changing parties like changing clothes. He lost as an Independent against Marco Rubio who quipped the “next change by Crist will probably be going to Cuba.” Instead Crist was seen embracing President Obama at the DNC Convention and quickly jumping ship to Democrat – hardly a solid footing!

Scott’s excellent command of the checkbook, has reversed the “Crist sinking ship” by impressively adding almost 700,000 jobs, $500 million in tax cuts, 4.8% decreased unemployment to 6.2%, cutting 3,000 regulations, $1+ Billion to Florida’s environment, cutting government waste, balancing the budget to offer teacher incentives, paying off a $4 billion debt to enable an attractive tax-atmosphere welcoming businesses to the sunshine state! Scott deserves another four years to build upon his successful legacy as taxpayers are reminded: “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget.”

Voters Need to Know Why Freedom is in Jeopardy!
The goal of Tom Steyer, billionaire environmentalist, reveals his $100 million weapon to unseat Republicans: “We want 2014 to be a pivotal year for climate to be a wedge issue in policial races.” Yet Steyer’s target-issue is contradictory as he’s convinced: “Only .5% of the super-sophisticated people in the US believe in global warming.” The climate issue in the US has pretty much flickered out! He will need magic to sway those 95.5% non-believers. In opposition, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity called out Steyer for “bankrolling candidates … whose efforts are leaving hard-working Americans without work, without economic security and without hope for the future.”

Governor Scott Works Hard and Wins!
Scott is being blamed for issues that are currently beyond his purview! For example, Governor Scott’s strong words in his 2013 Executive Order against Common Core: “Floridians will not accept government intrusion into the academic standards that are taught to our students.” Time will tell, as the debate returns to state and local education officials, while Charlie Crist salivates to return to President Obama’s federal Common Core standards. My bet goes with Governor Scott’s solid state’s rights record as he is on record speaking out against federal-everything!

Another hot topic in Florida comes from the 2009 Stimulus Vision for a European-style national train network to “phase out cars and fossil fuels.” Shortly after, All Aboard Florida chugged into the debate, as the first private passenger rail in the world. Trouble is private morphed into a federal taxpayer-backed RIFF loan of $1.6 Billion. Currently the choo-choo is in the hands of the Feds but one thing is for sure: A Vote for Crist = A Vote for the Choo-Choo!

Governor Scott turned down Obamacare exchanges but he’ll only consider the legislature-backed medicaid expansion using Republican and 100% federal backing for three years (of course, that’s our money!) In the meantime, Governor Scott focuses on cancer research, healthcare workforce shortages, extra care for alzheimers patients and backs the legislature to craft market-driven solutions for healthcare! Crist has flip-flopped on Obamacare and recently defends illegals: “Don’t Kick The Undocumented Off Obamacare Coverage.”

The Left Lies Campaign!
The heavy-handed Left-Wing machine runs dishonest ads to sway the “un-informed” against Governor Scott and since they can’t win with their ideas, they resort to lies. The joke is that so-called “corporate polluters” were exposed as Obama donors. Both the Chairman of Duke Energy, who appeared at 2012 Democratic National Convention with greenie Tom Steyer, have ties to billions in stimulus funds. Voters who care about jobs, and a sound economy, should support Governor Scott!

Third-party Adrian Wyllie, preaches against big government and freedom. He needs to look himself in the mirror and be honest … a vote for Wyllie is a vote for big government Crist … a truly scarey scenario for the future of Florida as the gateway to South America, globalism, chinese Panama Canal imports, out-of-control immigration and possibsle 2016 presidential election.

Vote for Freedom – Vote Republican!

February 18th, 2016

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